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ADEMY means Automotive Data Evaluation Market Yield. We are a Network Company collecting resources  everywhere in Europe and in USA. Nobody can claim to be expert of all the Classic Cars. The Car industry from its origins in 1900, within 86 years, the thirty years today Immagine E Typeanniversary  of a Car to become Classic,  listed hundreds of Makes and thousands on models. Every Make and also Model may benefit of the knowledge of  many experts, Registers, Clubs we are in touch with storng of  our forty  years’ experience. The classic car market is a complex world in which an expert guiding hand is sometimes highly beneficial. At ADEMY  we offer help and advice to anyone who is willing to better understand the Classic Car Passion also view by the investment Immagine GTOside.

With the market so strong across almost all areas, from Jaguar E-Type to the sixties Ferrari’s,   many risks are  attached to buying a non-original car at the wrong price. Chancers and newcomers opportunists, unprepared and pushed only by trading commissions are ready to sell us hundreds of  wrong cars.