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Make/Model Evaluation

The Value of a Classic Car is influenced by many parmeters:

  • Number of Cars originally built
  • Number of Cars survived
  • State of preservation
  • Quality of restoration
  • Level of originality
  • Preservation since the restoration
  • Racing History
  • VIP ownership

Obviously the Market price of a Classic Car is the balance betwen the demand and the availability.

The ADEMY Data Base, counts more than 100.000 records and is growing every year registering all the Auctions transcations.

It is possible get a selection of records by Make and Model, tipically dated in a period of 24 month from the day of the query, gathering the records of prices paid for poor cars and top cars.

Having this list it’s easy to set a min. and max. paid price for a specific Evaluation by Make/Model.

The above parameters will move the value up and down in the found range.

This kind of Service doesn’t surrogate an Expertise on the real car, but can give a down to earth value range to balance in.

Citroen Maserati Transaction List SAMPLE