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For the past six years, while the global economy has been all but down on its knees, the market has remained robust, resilient and has outperformed most other forms of alternative investment opportunity. Nevertheless, our is to give you the right perspective, when buying, selling or observing only the market. We are independent, we do not sell cars, neither we are auctioneers,  that’s the  best warranty we are on your own side when  you passionately want to own a Classic Car  also as an investment. Without a doubt, it is the passion and enthusiasm for classic cars which feeds the market most strongly – cars are to be driven and enjoyed – and so long as there are enough people who feel the same like we do, demand will remain high and the market strong.  But it’s impossible to ignore the realities of how the market has performed. The last twelve months have seen values rise steadily, and it is within this period that the market has seen many of the world’s most valuable cars change hands, both through private treaty sales and more publicly within the auction scene.

If we are referring to Classic Cars truly desirable driving the best prices,    a rock-solid history coupled with a fully documented paper trail that accurately charts ownership, maintenance and restoration work are conditions  mandatory to meet.  Originality is also highly important; cars should be as close as possible to their original factory specifications.

A good car should be a ‘matching numbers’ example where its  documentary evidence that the chassis, engine and gearbox all were original, are giving the car’s true identity. These factors coupled with the ‘provenance’, and an  interesting ownership or competition history push  the  value and investment potential at the maximum level . ADEMY is the ideal partner to trace the car you want to buy or compare  the  one you are willing to sell tracing the chassis numbers on the market.

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