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Classic Cars may be identifid by different parameters:

  • Period built
  • Market value
  • Type of body

Classification by FIVA   Year Built            Current definition

A  Ancestor         up to 1904                     Ancestor

Veteran          1905 – 1918                   Veteran

C  Vintage           1919 – 1930                   Vintage

D  Post Vintage   1931 – 1945                   Pre-War

Post War         1946 – 1960                   Classic

                          1961 – 1970                   Post Classic

G                            1971 up to the 30th

Each Classic Car may be classified buy the price when sold. Nevertheless to each price range corresponds a specific owner profile.

    • Entry up to      20K€
    • Low          21 –     100 K€
    • Medium 101 –   300 K€
    • High 301 –1.000 K€
    • TOP > 1.001M€

Collectible cars my be also classified by type of body and their original destination of use: transportation vehicle only, GT or racing.

The different type or body is also affecting the use which can be done today. As explained later there are events specifically organized to fulfil the different collecting behaviour.

As example; a Sedanca De Ville Car may be used successfully in an elegance concourse, but is not on the eligible list of a sport event.  The different use is also driving the market demand and related increase of value.

  • Dickey
  • Drop Head Coupè DHC (Convertibile)
  • Estate
  • Fixed Head Coupè FHC (Coupè)
  • Limousine
  • Spider 2+2
  • Open Two Seaters OTS Roadster
  • Saloon (Berlina)
  • Sedanca de Ville
  • Sport Two Seaters (Barchetta)
  • Racing Single Seater (Monoposto)
  • Tourer (Torpedo)

body 1 body 2