Automotive Data Evaluation Market Yields


We are a Network Company collecting resources everywhere in Europe and USA. Nobody can claim to be expert of all Classic Cars. The long history of the Car industry lists hundreds of Makes and thousands of Models. The classic car market is a complex world in which an expert guiding hand is highly beneficial.

Strong of a 40-year experience, ADEMY leverages on the knowledge of experts, registers and clubs to offer valuable insights to anyone who is willing to better understand the Classic Car market, not only as a Passion, but also as an investment.

With the market so strong across multiple segments, there is a significant risk of buying a non-original car at the wrong price. Opportunism, lack of preparation and interest in trading commissions are a serious threat to realizing our Passion for true Classic Car heritage. ADEMY helps you overcome them.


More than 30 years of Auction transactions registered in the ADEMY Data Base. Prices and information on more than 160.000 car sales identified by chassis number.

Data and analysis


Prices and information on car sales identified by chassis number

$ 18 Billions

value of the classic car in the market



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