ADEMY Automotive Data Evaluation Market Yields

What is the amount of money we can get if a Classic Car is going today on the market?

ADEMY is independent and purely data-oriented. We do not sell cars or make auctions. Therefore we do not hold any interest position in the data we provide. Our aim is to create objective insights to support your passion and enthusiasm towards the Classic Car market, matching motor-fun with solid investment evaluation.

The Classic Car market has been robust for the last 6 years, outperforming many other forms of alternative investment opportunities in term of growth and profitability. The last twelve months have seen values rise steadily: many of the world’s most valuable cars have changed owners, both through private negotiations as well as on the public auction scene.

The key references for confidently navigate this market are:

  • Rock-solid historic data on the vehicle
  • Full paper documentation charting ownership, maintenance and restoration works
  • Originality to factory specifications on all components (engine, chassis, gearbox, etc.)

These factors, coupled with the “provenance” and an interesting ownership or competition history push the value and investment potential to the maximum level . ADEMY is the ideal partner to trace the car you want to buy or compare the one you are willing to sell by tracing the chassis numbers, and the other key information associated with it, on the market.


  • 30 years of auction transaction data
  • 4 market indexes
  • Over 160.000 transactions
  • Over 1.900 auctions
  • Focus on United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, France, Switzerland and USA

Est. Turnover € Bn

Automotive Data


Prices and information on car sales identified by chassis number

$ 18 Billion

value of the classic car in the market

100 Years

Classic car market expertise combined

30 Years

Auctions transactions registered in the ADEMY Data Base

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