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The core of the ADEMY online offering is its transaction database, which includes global classic car auction data from the last 30 years. The ADEMY Data Base counts more than 150.000 records and grows every year with new auction transactions and the associated information. This data asset is leveraged to provide clients with tools to:

  • Estimate the size of the Classic Car market
  • Identify the Classic Car market trends
  • Analyze the its behaviors and dynamics
  • Quickly identify the actual value of individual classic car or collections

Subscribed ADEMY corporate clients are offered two main tools to satisfy such needs:

  • ADEMY web platform: clients with a corporate license can access the reserved dashboard section of our website, which allows users to screen individual transactions according to the make, model, auction, price range and even chassis number of interest. The dashboard provides detailed filters for each key information in the ADEMY database to ensure the greatest search granularity. The search function offers the user with:
    • A summary value trend chart highlighting top, minimum and average estimate of the asset of interest throughout time
    • A  list of all the transactions answering to the search criteria provided, full of all the details gathered in the ADEMY database
  • Market reporting: understand the trends in the Classic Car market through Global, Top Lot, Mid Cap and Small Cap indexes through our 6-month reports and quarterly updates.

The access to the Ademy Data Base and to the related analyses and indexes are offered according to a subscription-based pricing. Subscription details are discussed specifically with every customer, either for corporations and for individuals. Please provide your information to be contacted by our team for a subscription to the Ademy services.

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